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Let Nautix help you celebrate!

I want to have a pool party. What do I need to do? 

Please call our office at (770)485-3672

How many guards will I need? 

We require 1 guard per 25 people.

How much do you charge?

 The cost is $35 per hour/per guard.


How will I know if my party has been approved? 

You will receive an email with your pool party information listing the guard(s) scheduled to be at your pool party.  There will also be a link to pay via PayPal.

Do I have to pay via PayPal? 

No, but it is the preferred method.  You can pay with a check, but it has to be before the party.

Who do I make my check out to? 

Please make all checks out to Nautix Pools. 

Can I give the check to the guard at the party? 

No. Your payment must be sent to Nautix Pools before the party and cannot be given to the guard.

How far in advance do I need to request a pool party? 

At least 14 days in advance.  We cannot guarantee any events, but the sooner you request an event, the more likely it is that we can staff your event.   

I want to have my party at a pool that is not managed by Nautix.  Can you provide lifeguards? 

No, unfortunately we can only do parties at pools we manage because our insurance only covers employees working at our facilities.  At this time, we do not know another company in the area to refer them to.

I want to have a party at my pool in my backyard.  Can you provide lifeguards? 

No, unfortunately we can only do parties at pools we currently manage for insurance purposes.

We are a maintenance only pool with Nautix and normally do not have lifeguards, can you staff lifeguards at our pool party? 

Yes, since your pool is already under contract, you can enjoy your party with the help of a Nautix lifeguard. 

Can I have alcohol at my party? 

Yes, but we do require an additional guard.  Also, check with your pool rules because glass bottles are normally not allowed at the pool.

What if it rains on the day of my party? 

Your event must be cancelled at least 2 hours ahead of time to get a refund.

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