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How much does it cost?
In general, LGT classes can cost between $200-350, and CPRO classes cost between $65-85. The cost for classes can vary from season to season depending on new programs and guidelines set forth from the American Red Cross.

How long does it take?
The Nautix LGT courses are Blended Learning courses, meaning it is a blend of online material and in-person training. The online portion must be completed prior to the in-person sessions, and can take up to 7 hours to complete. The in-person training will take place over two consecutive days, and generally lasts all day. The CPRO class can be completed in one full day.

What do I need to bring?

LGT participants should bring warm clothes to change into, a towel (or two), money or food for lunch, and a bathing suit (one-piece for females). CPRO participants should bring rescue mask and book. CPRO books can be purchased at the class for $45 and masks for $15 if needed.

How do I pay for the class?
We offer a number of different payment options including online via PayPal/credit card, cash or check. Employees also have the option to have class fees deducted from their paychecks, and we also offer training reimbursements. New or Returning lifeguards who have received their login information for the Nautix Network can view current class offerings, pricing, and register to attend.

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