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What are the requirements to become a lifeguard?

All applicants must be able to pass American Red Cross Lifeguard Training before the date of their first shift and must be 15 years or older on the last day of the training course.

Where do our lifeguards work?

The majority of our management contracts are with HOA subdivisions. Actual work placement depends upon each employee's location and availability.

How can I get a job working for Nautix?

Fill out our online application. We will review your application and contact you to set up an interview if positions are available.

Do I have to be certified before my interview?

No. We begin hiring lifeguards early in the year before many certification classes are open for registration. In fact, you must go through the interview process and be offered a position in order to register for Nautix certification classes.

What should I bring to my interview?

  1. Any availability information that you have for the May-Sept season (i.e. summer school schedules, sports schedules, vacation requests, etc)

  2. Work Permit Form if under the age of 16 (This can be obtained in the counselor's office of your school or can be started here

  3. LGT & CPRO certification cards (if already certified)

What are some of the perks of working for Nautix?

We have a full-time supervisory staff to help our guards with pool and customer issues. Also, our office is open 7 days a week during the summer season, so you always have someone to answer your questions and you can conveniently schedule interviews, orientations, and most importantly, drop by to pick up your pay check any day of the week!

Flexible Payment Options for Certification Classes
Nautix offers several certification classes for our employees. Since we know the class is a financial commitment, we allow employees who register in our classes to deduct the cost of certification (less any required deposits for books & materials) from their paychecks.

Employee Website
All of our employees have access to the user-friendly Nautix Network. This site is an invaluable tool and gives our lifeguards quick and easy access to pool information and other guards who can pick up shifts if needed.

Employee Appreciation
At Nautix, we know that our lifeguards are the backbone of our company and we are grateful to all of our employees for their hard work and dedication! To show our appreciation, our supervisors give out prizes throughout the season to our outstanding guards.

Company Events
Throughout the season, Nautix hosts many company events as a way to show our appreciation and love for our employees. Whether it be a cookout, Braves game, or bowling, company events are a great way for current employees to get to know their other teammates and office staff. We highly encourage our all staff to attend company events 

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