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Management & Lifeguards

Pool Lifeguards

At Nautix, safety is our number one priority. Our lifeguards are trained to always remember their primary responsibility: guarding the pool to recognize and respond to emergency situations. Our guards are trained to understand that a firm, fair and consistent guarding style results in a swimming environment that can prevent injuries and accidents from happening.

Nautix has achieved a unique level of service that separates us from our competitors through a strict interpretation of company policies and by demanding accountability from our staff.

From hiring to staff training, our approach encourages a high level of safety and professionalism on the pool deck.

  • We primarily recruit from surrounding high schools, colleges, and universities to hire and retain the most mature and experienced staff possible.

  • All new hires must attend a rules and regulations orientation at our office as well as a pool deck orientation to discuss opening, closing, and the daily responsibilities of each guard.

  • Lifeguards are not permitted to have cell phones within the pool premises.

  • Lifeguards are not allowed visits from outside members including friends and family.

  • We expect our guards to always conduct themselves in a mature and professional manor.

Pool Management

Nautix devotes an enormous amount of time and resources to the professional and personal development of our staff members. Training cannot stop at the conclusion of the lifeguard training class. Lifeguards need consistent supervision and ongoing training at their assigned facilities.

  • Nautix has a full-time supervisory staff whose sole purpose is to frequently visit your facility in order to provide ongoing training, oversee pool maintenance, and help enforce community and company polices.

  • Supervisors are assigned geographically which allows us to respond quickly to any problem that may arise.

  • All guards are trained and tested regularly about the specific requirements of their assigned facility.

  • We conduct mandatory safety in-services to review effective patron surveillance and CPR skills with our lifeguards and supervisors.

In addition to a dedicated field staff, Nautix maintains a full time, centralized human resources department to ensure the proper staffing of your facility. What does this mean for you?

  • Nautix handles all hiring, employment and certification verification, and placement of lifeguards.

  • We maintain workers compensation, handle payroll tax liabilities, and provide general insurance liability for the protection of our employees and your facility.

  • We closely monitor our automated timekeeping system to ensure that your guards are at the correct place at the right time.

  • We can help schedule extra guards for special events, pool parties, or HOA sponsored holiday events.

Management & Lifeguards


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