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Pool Cleaning

Maintenance & Repair

Pool maintenance is anything but routine. It's dynamic and requires experienced technicians with attention to detail and awareness to changing conditions. Our technicians will keep the pool clean, safe for patrons, and operating smoothly while our management team monitors and follows up to ensure service standards.

All of our facilities are maintained by Certified Pool Operators (CPO) licensed through the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF), the leader for improvements in pool and spa safety, operation, and management. CPO certifications enable the pool operator to manage pools more safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Nautix technicians also perform many general repairs including motor replacement, troubleshooting chemical feeders, plumbing, and basic electrical diagnostics. These repairs are performed in-house and on-site reducing pool closure time when unexpected repairs are needed.

Our contracts provide year round service from opening the pool and meeting with county inspectors to closing the pool and winterizing the facility. We will make sure your bathrooms are clean and sanitary for your members and guests. We don't stop at maintaining and cleaning the pool during our service visits, we also organize pool furniture, pick up pool toys, pick up trash, and blow debris from decks.

Proper maintenance of your pool can increase the life expectancy of your equipment, facility, pumps, plumbing and filtration system. It is extremely important to properly test and maintain appropriate water chemistry, especially after major renovations. Drastic fluctuations or improper chemistry levels over an extended period of time can create pitting of new plaster, corrosion, or scale deposits which can shorten life expectancy of your facility. 

Nautix Lifeguards and Maintenance, LLC. believes that facilities should appear pristine, not merely acceptable. We design and implement maintenance schedules tailored specifically for your pool. 

If your pool has ever been delayed in opening due to water chemistry issues, if you are consistently experiencing cloudy or dull water, if you struggle to maintain clean, sanitary bathrooms, then call the experienced Nautix staff to get the reliable and professional service you deserve.

Maintenance & Repair


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