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Welcome to the Nautix Reserve & Relax Program. Please reference this document for your general questions. For any HOA specific questions, please contact your HOA Board.

Where should I go to make a reservation? To make a reservation, click HERE

How long are reservations? In general, reservations are two hours long, but check with your HOA for specifics.

How many reservations can I make per week? You can book one reservation per week.

Why can I only book one reservation per week? Time blocks and reservation limitations are in place to provide equal access to the pool for as many HOA members as possible.

What is considered a week? A week is considered Sunday – Saturday.

How far in advance can I make a reservation? Reservations can be booked up to 7 days in advance. Check back frequently for new open reservations.

Can I make a same-day reservation? Yes. As long as you haven’t met your quota for the week, you can reserve any open time slot prior to the start of the reservation.

Can I cancel my reservation? Yes. Reservations can be cancelled anytime, up to the start of your reservation time. Once cancelled, you will be able to rebook a new reservation for that same week. Reservations cannot be cancelled after the reservation has started.

How do I cancel my reservation? Find your reservation under “Day” in Nautix R & R. Select the drop-down arrow on your reservation and click “Cancel your booking.”


What happens if I miss my reservation? If your reservation is not cancelled prior to the start time, you will lose your opportunity to reserve a spot for that week.


What happens if I show up late to my reservation? Reservations start on time and end on time. Any time lost cannot be made up.


Am I responsible for cleaning my own area? Yes. Supplies may be provided at your facility to sanitize your reserved area before and after use. We encourage you to bring your own sanitizer to ensure the cleanliness for your space.


Why am I getting an error message when trying to book a reservation? Pink boxes indicate an error with your reservation. There will be a specified error message explaining why the reservation cannot be created, ex. “your quota has been exceeded for the week,” “your booking doesn’t meet the advance-notice requirements. Bookings are not allowed to be more than 7 days in advance.”


Why is there 15 minutes of time blocked off between each reservation? There is a 15-minute buffer between each reservation to allow the first family to exit and the next family to enter safely. If there is a Lifeguard/Pool Monitor on duty, this buffer will also allow for an extra layer of cleaning and routine maintenance of the facility.   


How do I know where my reserved spot is on the pool deck? Generally, your reservation space or table will be labeled on the pool deck. When making a reservation, some facilities will have an information icon next to the family zone that displays an image referencing reservation locations.


What do I need to show the Pool Monitor / Lifeguard when I get to the pool? For those who have staff on duty, be prepared to show your reservation confirmation. In order for this type of program to be successful, we are depending on you to honor your reserved times to self-police accordingly.

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