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Nautix Lifeguards & Maintenance, LLC.

We are a professional commercial pool service company specializing in staffing, management and maintenance of country clubs, subdivisions and aquatic facilities throughout the metro-Atlanta area.



Ty Sphar
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Jordan and Anna - Group Westchester
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Vinings guards - Love, Ashante, Vanessa.
Avery Holbrook
Alex H and Mariah Davis
Izzy Carreno
Nautix Giveaway
Madie Beckum
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Garrett Autera
Girls Group
Yair Or
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Terence Foxx
Sky Zone Group
Zach Goldstein
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Paris Jones
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Sylvia Dye
Colorful Wall Race
Trevor Hall
Field Staff Fiesta
Charlie Patrick
Nautix Frisbee at the Beach
Lauren Metcalf
Cobie McKinster
Field and Office Group Shot
Francesca Davis
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Escape Room Group Shot
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Nautix is committed to providing a premium service at a competitive price and will make every effort to tailor our service agreement to meet your needs. You will find that our management services are very inclusive, our operations are extremely organized, and we demand excellence and accountability from our staff. We provide a variety of swimming pool management, renovation, and maintenance services. We recognize that every community is unique and we will design and implement our services to meet the specific needs of your facility anywhere in the metro-Atlanta area.




"Nautix and lifeguarding was supposed to be my motivation to get into better shape. I seriously ate so much pizza and cake throughout the season because of all of the kid's and neighborhood's pool parties. Definitely a summer I won't forget or regret. Lifeguarding is stressful, but there will be snacks." #balance

Amy Lorenzo

"Nautix is cool because they give you an option of how far you want to drive to your pool each day. My parents were always working during the week and were unable to get me to and from a pool. Luckily, I was placed at a pool that allowed me to ride my bike. So basically, it was great because I got paid to work and paid to workout."

Brandon Collins

“I was extremely satisfied with my experience at Nautix. It was sweet because sometimes the Zone Supervisors would bring us Gatorade and snacks. One time we ended up getting Gatorade, chips, and some of the parents from the neighborhood bought us pizza. We never went hungry!"

Garrett Cross

"Thank you to everyone at Nautix who made this season unforgettable. Thanks to all the lovely ladies for putting up with all of my "quick questions," for all the guards that would blow up my phone, and to Chad for giving me a new nickname. It has been one for the books."

Fransely Rivera

"Lifeguarding at Nautix was a great first job. I worked there for four years throughout college and thoroughly enjoyed my experiences."

Emma Pope

"There was never a bad day at Nautix. While some days were busier and more hectic than others, and you learn to really love thunderstorms, I truly had a wonderful time working as a lifeguard for Nautix."

Melissa Brown

"The season was great for me. I like how friendly the supervisors can be and how they always answered any questions I had. I am definitely sad that my lifeguarding days are coming to an end."

Bailey Jenkins

"My favorite thing about Nautix was that I got to work with my best friend. It made shifts go by quickly and it never really felt like we were working."

Catelyn Brooks

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