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Nautix is currently hiring full-time and part-time employees for the 2022 season from May 1st through October 2nd.

No experience is required, and we offer training!

We have multiple convenient locations in the Cobb and Cherokee county areas, so we can find the perfect facility for your needs!

As an added bonus, lifeguarding outdoors is COVID friendly, so you can not only keep others safe, but yourself as well!


  • You love to be outside! You can catch a great tan or keep cool under a shady umbrella!

  • You like the water! You can dip in and cool off during safety breaks and learn more about water chemistry and pool maintenance!

  • You’re a great swimmer! You will pass lifeguard training with no problem as a strong swimmer, and you would feel confident in your ability to jump in a save someone in need!

  • You’re at least 15 years old! You need to be 15 to complete your lifeguard certification, but we offer pool monitor positions starting at 14 years old!

  • You like meeting new people! We offer fun, interactive company events so you can meet other people your age. You can also get to know the families at your home pool, where you will be staffed all season long!

  • You like children! Kiddos at the pool love to be friends with the lifeguard, so you can show them your skills and serve as a role model for them!

  • You like helping people! Keep patrons at the pool safe and still having fun in the sun!


  • Great pay! Nautix offers competitive starting pay with multiple bonus opportunities that could bump you as high as $16.00 an hour!

  • COVID friendly! Staying outside in the fresh air with plenty of room to social distance on the pool deck will keep you safe and still employed! We do require you mask up, except while guarding in the stand.

  • No certification? No problem! We offer lifeguard training courses at a discounted rate to our employees. We also have payment plan options available to cover the remaining cost of the course!

  • Multiple uniform options! Feel comfortable and confident in a uniform that fits you!

  • Flexible schedules! We understand that you are busy, so we work around your summer vacations, sports events, practices, and social events that you participate in to make your summer break even more fun!


  • Patron safety! You would be scanning the water and keeping patrons safe by enforcing rules and regulations, responding to emergencies in the event of an incident, and inspecting the facility daily for any unsafe conditions.

  • Testing water chemistry! To keep the pool safe, you would test for chlorine and pH and recording readings in a logbook.

  • Facility maintenance! Everyone’s favorite part of the job – cleaning! You would be responsible for vacuuming the pool daily, cleaning restrooms, restocking supplies, straightening pool furniture, emptying trash, and cleaning skimmer baskets.

The water is warm, so jump on in and see if a job at Nautix is right for you!

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